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Rules & Tips


General rules

  1. Anyone can use Uneed: Individuals, companies and associations.
  2. Service advertisements must be placed in the services section: Service advertisements placed in sections intended for other articles will be deleted.
  3. One ad per item: You cannot describe multiple items or services in the same ad.
  4. No Web links: This avoids the proliferation of spam.
  5. No email address in the description field: This will prevent you from receiving unsolicited mail.
  6. Inappropriate or offensive language: Ads containing language deemed inappropriate or content deemed offensive will be removed.

Tips for writing effective ads

The most effective ads are those that send a clear message to a targeted audience. Here are some tips for writing an effective ad:

  1. Be honest and concise.
  2. Write your message clearly and precisely.
  3. Remember to include all important information about the item you are advertising.
  4. Avoid unnecessary and repetitive use of punctuation marks and symbols.
  5. Avoid repetitions.
  6. Describe the item clearly in the title, eg. Apple iPod 80GB
  7. Eliminate superfluous words, eg. IPOD APPLE IPOD IPOD 80GB.

Illegal ads and limited content 


Pictures :

  1. Stolen photos.
  2. Pornographic or nudity photos.

Illicit jobs and activities:

  1. Franchise announcements.
  2. Pyramid ads, club membership or multi-level marketing.
  3. Advertisements for jobs or activities requiring entry or regular payment, or recruiting for third parties, sub-distributors or sub-agents.
  4. Ads offering unpaid or commission-only employment.
  5. Unlawful job advertisements.
  6. Ads that are not legally written in the country concerned.

Items or services prohibited for sale:

  1. Alcoholic beverages.
  2. Fee-based sexual services.
  3. Any illicit service or good (as defined by the legislation in force) including those encouraging or facilitating their delivery or production.
  4. Identification papers, personal financial information and personal information, including distribution lists.
  5. Police badges and uniforms or other official badges and uniforms.
  6. Blood products, body fluids and organs.
  7. Hardware for opening locks
  8. Counterfeit coins, counterfeit stamps and counterfeit coins, as well as any equipment allowing their manufacture.
  9. Counterfeits
  10. Electronic monitoring equipment.
  11. Prohibited products.
  12. Fireworks, demolition equipment and explosives.
  13. Games of chance (lottery tickets, slot machines, etc.).
  14. Uniforms, identifications and official licenses.
  15. Hazardous Material.
  16. Drugs and related materials.
  17. Unauthorized copies and pirate recordings.
  18. Medicines and medical accessories.
  19. “Miracle” treatments that do not have the authorization of the authorities.
  20. Obscene or pornographic content.
  22. Recalled items.
  23. Regulated or protected plants and species, such as endangered plant and insect species.
  24. Stock options, shares and other financial securities.
  25. Stolen goods.
  26. Tobacco and derivative products.
  27. Used cosmetic products.
  28. Weapons and related items such as: firearms, firearm spare parts and magazines, ammunition, pellet and pellet guns, tear gas, stun guns and switchblade knives.
  29. Premium rate phone number.