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“Uneed” is a new classifieds website that is Owned and Operated by UNEED (SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED.

Company is registered with SECP and FBR. “Uneed.com.pk”, is created with an aim to provide a platform to people and companies for classified ads to sell and buy goods and services.

We shall provide maximum categories of products and services to promote on our online platform, Connecting buyers and sellers in one online market place. “Uneed” will allow the all visitors to find their desired categories and sub-categories.

Main Categories

We have divided main categories in six types to make easy use of this site. All main category has sub-categories.

Property For Sale and Rent

In property section, Users can post ads for selling properties from all over the Pakistan. People can post ads for Land selling, Houses selling, Plot selling, commercial properties and residential properties for sale.

Similarly, ads for renting all types of properties can be posted.

General Items For Sale

In these items, will be included Electronics, Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, Furniture and many more items that people want to Sell and at the same time some people are searching these items to Buy.

Vehicles For Sale

Here will be ads for selling Cars with all details like make, model, year, used or new and same details for Bikes available for sale. News related Vehicle prices and articles related vehicle market updates will be available here.

Businesses For Sale

Here users can post ads for selling businesses of all types. Mention type of business, price, location, current earnings from that business.

Promotion of Businesses

In this section, posts for promoting businesses will be published. Complete information about business and brochures of business will be posted. Businesses can offer special offers, seasonal offers, new arrivals of stocks, etc.


Very popular section of all classifieds sites, Employers can post ads for hiring staff with details related job offer salary and incentives. Job seekers will find job offers and can apply for the position offered.

We Are Registered With SECP

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Corporate Unique Identification No. 0205428


FBR Logo Uneed

Registration No.  9935932